С чего все началось...

Warm May morning. Unusual summer weather. Dizziness from the smell of lilac. Terpigorjevo village (listen to the name! ‘Terpigorjevo’ is literally ‘who is enduring grief’) on the bank of Pirogovo reservoir (7 km from Moscow).

Let me introduce myself – my name is Yulia. In wonderful spirits I’m going for a walk with my favourite dogs.

Naughty Marsel, as always, ran away closer to the water. Gentle Patya is walking nearby. Suddenly at the bank is heard Marsel’s ringing.

Perplexed, he’s observing an old woman dropping tears. Neither me, nor Marsel are not used to ignore someone else’s misfortune.

It turned out that in the bag with a supermarket label there are three newborn kittens, waiting for their death. A woman said that, although she’s strictly against fratricate, she has no sources to feed the breed and no place to give them for adoption. Death from hunger seems to her more horrible than killing by this ‘old-schooled’ method. The situation was resolved thanks to my kind-hearted dog Patya that put her muzzle in the bag and got delighted with this godsend.



It’s needed to mention that Patya adores cats. Here my heart melted, three fluffy lumps were pulled out of the bag and it was decided to take them home. We were feeding them from the pipette, called our friend, who is veterinarian, she told that kittens are absolutely healthy.



But it’s only a half of the story…

After some days I was meeting my old friend and – you’ll not believe that – recently she had to take two kittens as well! She was faced with even more cruel choice. The neighbour of her house in the country wanted to cut the newborns with a spade. This way of killing he inherited by his grandfather.

Here was born the idea that we should unit, find like-minded people, friends and put finish to this dreadful tradition, that lets get rid of unwanted lives staying with perfect impunity and clear conscience.

Here arose a question: what should the owners do when their cat or dog had a litter and they can’t afford it or don’t want to keep three or even more pets. It’s really a problem. Existing shelters ask a good money to take care of an animal. A bag from Auchan or a spade are definitely cheaper. We called to our mutual friend who’s living in Germany now. She told how this problem is resolved in civilized Europe.

Actually, everything’s easy.

Sterilization in the first months and shelters existing by donations of charity organization. We decided to follow this example. We established a charity fund. It’s an official non-commercial organization that will be occupied with educational activity to eradicate the cruel tradition. We’ll organize shelters across the whole country where people may and must bring their unwanted pets. The obligatory condition will be, of course, sterilization of the pet and its litter.

Fund will provide little ones with comfort living conditions and will do an active work in order to find them a kind foster family. I’m sure that we’ll find compassion and support in your face, together we’ll manage for sure!

!Save the kittens, don’t pass by!